To us design is more than pretty pictures, slick typography, splashy colors, and being edgy. Although those are all things that make our hearts beat faster, for us it's not about following the latest trends, it's all about a meaningful idea and rising above the status quo.

An idea that is done aesthetically beautiful yet awakens hope, gives resolutions, triggers an emotional response, encourages to act, to be, to buy, has the power to affect the world, to even change the world. Yes, we believe that design can change the world. Maybe not the entire world but your world, your client's world, your consumer's world.

Brand Platforms

lime1 Design uses design to express a brand's vision and personality across a broad range of media and delivery platforms—whether it’s brand identity, packaging, print collateral, environmental or interactive media design. We are excited to tell your story through design and create a compelling, authentic, and differentiating image of your company, brand, product or service.

About the Owner

Petra Ives is the founder of lime1 Design Inc., established in 2004, and has over 14 years of experience. After obtaining her Associates Degree in Graphic Media in her home country of Germany in 2000, she worked as a production artist for 5 years. Her passion for graphic design led her back to school and she obtained her BA in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design from San Diego State University. There she received the award of Most Outstanding Student in the School of Art, Design & Art History 2008/09; a scholarship from Legal Arts for Information Design; and was the First Place Winner of Best Portfolio and Best of Category for Branding in the AIGA San Diego Student Portfolio Exhibition in 2009.

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She always considers herself right- and left-brained. Art and design have always been the core of her life, she daydreams, prefers to think visually and reacts often on intuition, but she can't shake off the urge to organize her stuff in neat piles, label everything and she prefers dogs over cats (apparently a left brain trait). Or maybe that is just the German in her. Perfectionist, check! Hard-Working, check! Thoroughness, check! Sincerity, check! Likes Schnitzel, check! Petra loves intelligent design. A design can be the most beautiful done composition, perfectly kerned typography, and visually splendid, but if it doesn't make sense, it's meaningless.

Design + Intelligence = meaning

Petra is actively involved in the local art and design community where she has achieved various recognitions of her work. For the 5th year in a row she served on the planning comittee for the annual AIGA Y Conference, and is an active member of the San Diego AIGA, the professional association for design. She splits her time between running her business, being an avid beach goer, traveling and being a wife and mother, the jury is still out on which is more challenging.

Petra's work combines wit and simplicity and reflects a positive energy. She likes to collaborate with clients that recognize creativity as a gift, uses it as an asset, and rewards it with challenges.

Petra Ives